Fall Collage Workshop Intensive

SAT/SUN, SEPTEMBER 15th and 16th
SAT/SUN , SEPTEMBER 22nd and 23rd

at The Rogue Gallery and Art Center
Medford, OR


Two weekends to learn techniques and work on a variety of projects
including collage paintings, repurposed books and greeting cards.

Session One: Students will create painted papers using a variety of techniques including Gelli plate printing. Using the painted papers combined with other scraps and fragments, students will make abstract collage paintings in a variety of formats.

Session Two: The class will continue working on collage paintings, sketchbooks, and additional papers. Students will learn finishing techniques that add detail, texture, and depth to their work. Materials fee payable to instructor at first class.

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New Exhibition February 21 – April 1, 2018

Untitled 2017.jpg

Very excited to be having a show at South Stage Cellars in Jacksonville. OR this winter. Please note the revised dates above. I'll be featuring some new work including the piece shown here. Saturday, February 24th from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm will be the Artist's Reception. There will be music by Doug Warner with Gene Black and Greg Frederick starting at 6:00. Come by if you're in the area. Or stay tuned here for pics of the event.


Collage Sketch Book Workshop at The Rogue Gallery and Art Center

Last weekend I had another Collage Sketchbook workshop at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center. We had a great time and here are some of the beautiful spreads created by the talented artists that attended. Still works in progress but off to a great start. And I'm afraid I did create a little distraction from the main event with a demo on making cards with small-scale collages so here are a few of those as well! 

Zorah's Spread 2a.jpg
Ann's Spread.jpg
Diane's Spread.2.jpg
Carolyn's Spread.1.jpg
Charlotte's Spread.jpg

And here are an assortment of the holiday cards.

Zorah Diane Cards.jpg
Ann Carolyn Cards.jpg
Charlotte Card Blog.jpg

The Latest

So here is the latest piece. I kept thinking it was finished (it wasn't). I had it pinned up on my wall and there was something continuing to nag at me. There was one area that just wasn't quite working for me so I kept going back to it and trying to "fix" it. Finally on about the tenth attempt I tried working on a different area which changed the feel of the piece for me and made it better (in my opinion). It also helped me make a few minor adjustments to the area that had been bothering me and voila! I posted it on Facebook with the comment "I think it's finished" (because I STILL wasn't 100% sure) and got a lot of positive response. Now it's being framed for a show I have opening next week so I guess that's that.

Someone asked me in one of the comments on FB how I know when a piece is finished. And to quote Hamlet, "...there's the rub." It's hard to explain it because it's partly based on artistic principles and partly based on a visceral sense of whether the piece is "working." The composition needs to be pleasing and have a sense of balance, and the colors need to coexist in a dynamic and pleasing way; but the final decision is really more of an intuitive sense, like a calm that has replaced the unsettled feeling that something just isn't quite right. Sometimes it can be the smallest of things. And sometimes I'm just pushing to be finished when it just needs more work. At least that's how it works for me!

In addition to the finished piece I've post some of the work-in-progress shots I took along the way. The 5 and 6 are a couple from the end of the process when I was fussing. The others show more of the progression earlier on.



Pages From My New Collage Book

Back again! I wanted to get these additional images posted before I head out of town again—this time it's a family reunion in Victoria, BC with my husband's family.

I started a new collage book while I was in France. I really like the way these pages are turning out and I'm almost tempted to abandon the book and treat them as separate pieces to frame. I'm still pondering–which of course means I haven't worked on any additional pages since I've been back–so if anyone has an opinion they'd like to post here, I'm listening!

I decided to work with a different color palette on the first spread. Earthy tones and golden, warm hues. Here are the pages individually and as a spread.

This next image is a right-hand page.

This piece really speaks to me and when I finished it, that's when I had to pause and decide whether or not I want to continue with the book or take it apart and use the individual pages. I could even make a diptych out of the first spread. This book is only a slim volume—5 spreads plus cover—and larger than I've used before (approx. 7.5" sq.). Well, I suppose I'll leave it be for now and make the decision when I get back from BC.

Enjoy the rest of your summer; I hope it's been a good one so far!

Through A Prism of Blue

I just got back from 6 weeks in France where I had some time to experiment with paint and collage and finish up a couple of pieces I've been working on. One of those pieces is "Through a Prism of Blue" that I started as a demo piece during a workshop I was giving at The Rogue Gallery and Art Center this past Spring. Below are some images of the piece in it's beginning stages.The fourth image shows the final piece. It always surprises me to see where a collage painting begins and where it ends up at the end of the process.

I also did some work on a new collage book while I was away. I'll post some of the images from that in another post soon. À bientôt!

New Gypsy Journals

Here are the finished Gypsy Journals I made using the art I posted a couple of weeks ago. They've been bound and hand-trimmed and each one has 48 pages. 40 of the pages are blank acid free drawing paper and the other 8 are pages from old booklets, old graph paper and color paper, pages from vintage pamphlets and calendars, etc. I call them "random pages"–just a few fun surprises throughout the book.  The inside front and back covers are parts of geological or marine maps and the back inside cover has a library pocket for biz cards or notes or whatever. I'm planning to sell them in the gift shop at The Rogue Gallery during my show (which opens March 3rd, BTW) but I've also put them on Etsy for $34 each. No two are alike but I can always make additional ones in similar palettes.

I do love making them even though they are quite time intensive! Thinking about working on another batch this weekend.

Happy 2016!

I can't believe the first month of 2016 is almost over! I hit the ground running right after the holidays and I'm looking forward to a busy year with lots of exciting adventures.

I have a show at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center opening on March 3. The artist's reception is on Third Friday, March 18th so come by and say hi if you're in the area. Then I'll be teaching a mixed media collage workshop on March 26th. Can't wait!

Here's a new piece I just finished at the end of last year. I was working on it when the terrorist attacks happened in Paris. I was heart-broken over the events as so many people were. France, and particularly Paris, are so dear to me. I continued to work on the piece and it gave me solace. I call it "Shattered (Paris 2015)."

I've also been working on some new Gypsy Journal covers. They still need to be bound but here's a few of the raw covers.

I'll post again when the books are complete with binding and inner pages. Planning to sell them at the exhibition and put some on Etsy as well.

Wishing everyone much joy, love, prosperity and creativity in 2016!

Art Exhibition

Well the first quarter of the year is almost over and this is my first post for 2015! It's been such a busy year so far which is a good thing! But my big news here is that I have three of my collage paintings in an exhibition at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center in Medford, OR. I submitted three pieces for their new Members Gallery exhibition and all three were accepted. The opening reception is tonight and I'm really excited. Here are the three pieces that are on exhibit.

La Ligne d'Horizon, approx 11" x 11"
23" x 23.5" framed and matted $625

Under Construction, approx. 11" x 10"
23" x 23" framed and matted $625


Wanderlust, approx. 11" x 10"
23" x 23" framed and matted $625

These are all from a series I worked on while in the Lot Valley in Southern France. I would go to the vide greniers (French version of a garage sale) in the surrounding villages and find all sorts of wonderful old pamphlets, maps, books, papers, etc. I added scraps from these pieces to the collage papers I made, my collection of stamps and other papers I've been collecting over the years and let each one reveal it's own story as I added paint, texture and pattern. Each piece has it's own special history created from the assembled papers in this beautiful region in France.

Feeling very grateful for this opportunity!

Happy Holidays!

Well, 'tis the season and I was hard at work in my own little workshop making Hanukkah and Christmas cards for loved ones, friends, colleagues and clients. Below is a sampling of some of the finished pieces. I used hand-painted collage papers bits of wrapping paper and other miscellaneous scraps plus old Christmas stamps I got in the big shoebox full of stamps from the Southern Oregon Philatelic Society. It was a lot of fun and a great way to add a personal touch to my holiday greetings. Not to mention using up materials I already had on hand!

So I hope everyone has a very happy holiday, whatever you celebrate, and I'm sending out best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous and creative year in 2015!

Latest Encaustic Project

I am very excited about this recent project I did for a designer/actor friend of mine Kathleen Powers. She commissioned me to work on three encaustic pieces for the 2015 season brochure she was designing for the 16th Street Theater in Chicago. We've been working on it together along with Ann Filmer, the theater's Artistic Director, for several months and it is now printed! It was a wonderful opportunity and a very different experience for me. Kathleen was my art director and the designer of the piece and I was the artist. My design background definitely came in handy as we worked together to make sure the pieces fit in her layout and worked with her type design. There was a lot of collaboration between the three of us as we discussed the plays and brainstormed on images for each piece.

Below are the final pieces along with how they appear in the brochure panels. I worked on the lower two-thirds of the canvas specifically to accommodate the layout and then went back in to fill the area at the top. I wanted to maintain the focus on the part of the image used for the brochure so I extended the background and worked mostly with the colors and papers I had used in other areas of the piece. You'll notice the position of the dog tag in Graveyard of Empires is different on the original piece and in the brochure. For the brochure we photographed the piece flat  so we could position the dog tag and chain where we wanted it; for the actual piece, the tag is attached with wax and the chain is attached to the side of the canvas so gravity is doing it's thing.

I can't wait to see how they look on the posters!

Back In The Studio

Well I've been back from France for three weeks and just getting settled back into the studio. I had some respiratory crud that I got from the plane trip (which is still lingering...) plus lots of out of town visitors and a brief trip to Mendocino. But now I'm staying put for awhile and happy to be back at it.

It seems like there have been a lot of birthdays in August so I've been making cards to get the creative juices flowing. Four birthday cards below—one for a neighbor, two for actress friends of mine, one for my husband—and, sadly, a sympathy card.

I like making these cards. I'm going to continue making more for different occasions. And more gypsy journals as well. I need to create some inventory because I realize that I've given everything away!

Final Week

It's hard to believe we've been here six weeks already and will be heading home next Tuesday. It always seems that we're just settling in, getting our wits about us, beginning to really speak French and tout d'un coup, it's time to head back home to the states. Very grateful for the time we've had here and for the good friends we've made.

Here are some of the pieces I've been working on the past few weeks.

This is a series of collage paintings inspired by a page I did in my collage journal (see below). I've been working on them for a couple of weeks and I think they're finished.  Each one is approx.7.5" x 7". I like them individually as well as in the grouping below.  It was fun to watch each composition unfold and evolve as I worked on them--sometimes as part of the series, sometimes as unique pieces.

This is the page in my collage journal that inspired me to do the above series. I added some blue to my more neutral palette of grays and cream and focused more on creating texture and depth with the paint.  Still working on the other page in the spread.

Another spread from my collage sketch book. Experimenting with reds and golds. I love the vibrant drama of these pages—individually and as a diptych.

And with that, my French adventure draws to a close. It was wonderful to experience the Lot Valley in the summertime, even though we had almost two weeks of rain and temperatures in the low 60s at the beginning of July! There are so many festivals and markets every week. And the beauty of the countryside here, the villages full of stone houses and the river Lot itself is truly stunning. It was so nice to be back with friends we've made and to meet new friends as well. Looking forward to our return and thinking about having a small exhibition of my work here next time... Alors, à bientôt et à la prochaine!

Slow Start

It's taking me awhile to settle in and work on art but I have been spending time in my "studio" most days for at least an hour or so. Here's a spread from a new collage journal I started and one painting that I think may be finished. Or finished for now as Jane Davies says.

This piece took a lot of trial and error and I found myself painting over
a lot of the pieces that weren't working. In some places the piece feels
a little bit like a paper sculpture as well as a collage.

France So Far

It's been a couple of weeks now that I've been here in the beautiful Lot Valley in the Midi-Pyrenée region of France. It is just so breath-taking here it's hard to put into words or photographs. Fields of green and gold, vineyards and small farms, rolling hills, expansive views and small picturesque medieval villages cropping up throughout the landscape. Here is a shot of beautiful Puy l"Evêque, the village closest to where we're staying, and the Lot river at sunset (around 9:30 these days!).

The first Sunday we were here we went to a vide grenier (French for garage sale; literally "empty the attic") and I added some great things to my collection of scaraps and papers. I love going to these; there is one almost every weekend in a different little town or village; it's a great way to get to know the area and mingle with the locals. Here's a few of my finds.

Two old almanacs, each with  about 200 pages of really cool stuff.
2 euros each. See some of the pages below

Some of these pages will be great in the gypsy journals.

Great study in typography.

An old deck of cards for 1 euro

I'm planning on going to another vide grenier tomorrow in Frayssinet le Gélat, if I can get myself up and out. I have to admit, I've been a little lazy since I got here...

More here as the adventure unfolds!

Au Revoir!

Well Sunday I'm off to the Lot Valley in France to spend 7 weeks painting, exploring the countryside and local villages and laughing, eating and drinking with friends. I made some gypsy journals to bring as gifts. While I'm there I'll be on the lookout for all sorts of fun scraps and papers to add to my collection. And I'll be sure to post some of my favorite finds and adventures so stay tuned.

For my friends in France. I sure hope
they don't see them here on my blog before I arrive!